DH Community






Researchers in KNAW institutes collaborate with universities in order to develop innovative tools and theories for understanding what computational approaches can mean for research and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.



The Network Institute is a collaboration between researchers in Computer Science, the Social Sciences, the Humanities, Economics, Law and Philosophy.









The Netherlands eScience Center reinforces and accelerates multi-disciplinary and data-intensive research in the Netherlands by developing and applying eScience and by combining forces.







ADHO is an umbrella organisation whose goals are to promote and support digital research and teaching across arts and humanities disciplines, drawing together scholars engaged in digital and computer-assisted research, teaching, creation, dissemination, and beyond, in all areas reflected by its diverse membership.






The EADH’s mission is to represent and bring together the Digital Humanities in Europe across the entire spectrum of disciplines that apply, develop and research digital humanities methods and technology.





Digital Humanities Now highlights work from the open web that has gotten the attention of the digital humanities community or is worthy of such attention, based on critical editorial review.








DHCommons is a directory of digital humanities projects, focused on matching digital humanities projects seeking assistance with scholars interested in project collaboration.

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CLARIAH: Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. The C@RIAH website provides an overview of Digital Humanities courses and programmes that are taught at universities throughout Europe.