Projects VU – 2013

  • TRIPLE-A: Automated Audiological Assesment

    Speech audiometry is an elementary clinical examination assessing hearing performance. In this project, a qualitative analysis of dissimilarities in auditory stimulus-response pairs is made, based on a large data-set. More particularly, the aim is to find critical regions in alignment measures used in automatic scoring and to relate these to phonemic (mis)matches between two acoustic realizations. This could help in developing a more refined automated audiological assessment tool enabling the audiologist to work towards the individual’s satisfaction in hearing by optimizing the settings of the hearing device.
    A. van der Lee (researcher), Martine Coene (supervisor, VU) and B. Vaerenberg (Otoconsult, private partner).
  • StoreTelling (a.k.a. Non-linear structure of cinema)

    Cinema is seen as a complex medium, in which production is directed by a multifaceted authorial agency. In this project, a portfolio-management environment will be developed, in which film producers can report on the non-linear process of film making by describing steps in the process, intermediate products, networks, timelines and output. This allows both producers as researchers to understand and improve the production processes.
    Nicolette Jongkind (researcher), Diederik Oostdijk (supervisor, VU) and Piek Vossen (supervisor, VU).