Twitter for Research – 1st International & Interdisciplinary Conference, 2015

A day of interdisciplinary presentations on using Twitter for research.

#TwLyon2015 (Conference on Twitter For Research, Lyon 2015) is a single day event where researchers from all scientific disciplines will share their experience on using Twitter for academic research. Twitter might be used in one field to investigate social networks. Others might draw on Twitter for ethnographies of consumer behavior, yet others use Twitter as a tool for predictive analytics for epidemics. Twitter is also studied in its own right, with researchers testing whether traditional tools and theories still stand in the universe of 140 characters messages.

The objective of this day is to develop interdisciplinary awareness of the possibilities afforded by Twitter for research. Hence, we invite submissions from all perspectives and approaches presenting results and developments in their area of expertise, where Twitter played a role in the investigation.

  • April 24, 2015 in Lyon, France
  • Hosted by EMLYON Business School

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